Liqua Element Traditional Tobacco 70ml
The distinctive taste of tobacco, complemented by a spicy yet sweet sandalwood fragrance.
Liqua Mix Sweet Tobacco 70 ML
2018??NEW LIQUA MIX SWEET TOBACCO E-Liquid 70 ml.????Sweet tobacco combines the classic taste of traditional tobacco with warm caramel and notes to create a delectable vaping experience.
Liqua Mix Frosty Lychee 70 ML
2018 NEW LIQUA MIX Frosty Lychee E-Liquid 70 ml.
Liqua Mix Frosty/Cool Raspberry 70 ML
2018 NEW LIQUA MIX Frosty Raspberry E-Liquid 70ml. Notice: Frosty Raspberry is now called Cool Raspberry.
Liqua Mix Ice/Cool Green Mango 70 ML
2018??NEW LIQUA MIX Ice-Green-Mango E-Liquid 70 ml. Notice: Ice Green Mango is now called Cool Green Mango.
Liqua Element Menthol 70 ML
With its smooth, crisp flavor and icy undertones, Menthol will refresh and invigorate you. 50/50 PG/VG
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